VM Public School

50th Anaversary (1963 - 2013)

Our Mission

To nurture and develop individuals who are aware and innovative, self-reliant and self disciplined, with a sound code of ethics and willingness to contribute to the well-being of their families, community and country.

Our Vision

To provide high quality education to children from less privileged backgrounds in order to give them an equal chance in life.

Our Aim

  1. To provide for the holistic development of the child, which includes physical, social, emotional, cognitive and moral development.
  2. To develop critical thinking skills.

Our School

The V. M. Public School was established in 1963 by the late Mr. M. A. Rangoonwala, with classes from Montessori to Matric. It is an English medium, co-educational institution with an enrollment of more than 700 Students. The aim behind establishing the school was to make quality education available to the under privileged masses of the society. The motto is “Work is Worship”. The total fee is Rs. 1800/- (i.e. $15) per month. Which is further supported by generous scholarships given to the students by the Rangoonwala Trust. The school has achieved remarkable growth and has become a leading educational facility in Karachi. The V. M. Public School was nationalized in 1973 and its medium of instruction was changed to Urdu. It was again privatized in 1984. Since then the Rangoonwala Trust has committed to provide the highest quality education for all.

School's Curriculum

The curriculum offered seeks the over all development of its students. All subjects prescribed by the Board of Secondary Education are taught in English except for Urdu and Islamiat. Special arrangements have been made for the teaching of Holy Quran. Sports are an integral part of the school day. Cricket, throw ball, badminton and other games are played on the ample school campus. The school has its own band. They display their skills during the morning assembly. They are also invited to enliven the various national and community occasions. Each class goes on an educational field trip every year. The entire cost of these excursions is borne by the school. The criteria to judge the performance of any school are its annual Board Examination result. The result of V. M. Public School is very good. The success rate averages between 99-100%.

School Faculty

The principal Ms. Zia Halai M.Sc. (Physics) B. Ed has been associated with the field of education for the last 35 years. The principal has two co-ordinators to help her supervise the secondary and the primary sections. There are 40 teachers and a support staff of 12 working under them. In order to impart quality education, the number of students per class does not exceed 30.

School Campus

The school campus is spread over an area of 5762 Sq. Yards. The original building houses the Secondary section, Pre-Primary section, a Large auditorium, a computer room, laboratory and the administrative block. Recently a four storied M.A. Rangoonwala Primary School building has been added. It is an ideal school campus with spacious, well lit class rooms. The furniture is designed according to the age level of the students.

The Incentive & Awards

The top three students in each class are awarded a prize on the day of their final examination results. The students who secure the highest marks in SSC Board examinations in Arts and Science are awarded the M. A. Rangoonwala Gold Medal along with a Cash prize. Every year a teacher from each section - Pre-Primary, Primary, Middle and Secondary for their devotion and dedication to teaching are awarded a "Teacher of the Year" trophy. Prizes are also given to students who win the various Inter House competitions like English & Urdu debates, Naat & Qirat.

The School Board

The school is overseen by a three member School Board chaired by the Chairman, Mr. Tariq Rangoonwala. The other two members are Mr. Saeed A. B. Mirza, Director, ZVMG Rangoonwala Trust, and Ms. Zia Halai, Principal V. M. Public School.