News and Events - 2017

Patel Hospital
Trainee Nurses Visits
4th January, 2017

The Patel Institute’s student nurses visited the Centre on 4th January, 2017. This visit was part of their curriculum. The visit provides them the nformation of how the institutes are running. During the visit students were provided with necessary information of each department. At the end of the visit they were served with light refreshments.


Family Education Services Foundation (FESF)
Hyderabad Teachers Visit
6th January, 2017

Teachers of FESF Hyderabad Centre visited Rangoonwala Centre on6th January, 2017. They were shown every department of the Centre and informed in detail their function . At the end they were served light refreshments.


Hi-Freind - South Korea
South Korean Students Cultural Exchange Program
23rd January, 2017

South Korean students visited Rangoonwala Centre on 23rd January, 2017 on a cultural exchange program under Hi-Friends Association, S. Korea. 50 girls and boys along with 15 teachers presented the Korean traditional dance, skits and songs.
The Rangoonwala Centre invited the students of VM Public School and The Educators to attend the event. Almost 100 students of these schools attended. At the end of the program all students had group discussions and informed each other about their culture and country.


Special Children Function
22nd February, 2017

The Special Children Function was held on 22nd February, 2017 in which 300 Special Students alongwith their teachers of various schools have participated. They presented Tabelues, skits and sang National Songs. At the end of the function lunch was served to all students.


Patch Work & Quilting
South Korean Instructor's Visit
2nd March, 2017

A five days Patch Work and Quilting workshop was started on 23rd February, 2017 in which a team of seven South Korean Instructors trained our students voluntarily. At the end of the workshop the instructors were awarded with a certificate of appreciation by Mr. Valy Tariq Rangoonwala and Mr. Saeed Mirza. The students were also present at this occasion.