Board of Trustees
The Trust is managed by a Board of Trustees comprising of eight Trustees, headed by the Managing Trustee. This Board meets twice a year. All the Trustees work in a voluntary capacity.
  Tariq Rangoonwala   Asif Rangoonwala   Khalid Rangoonwala  
Managing Trustee

Other Trustees

  Banu M. A. Rangoonwala   Mohammad Saleem Yousuf   Valy Tariq Rangoonwala  
  Azam Rangoonwala   Mohammad Afzal Nagaria   Saeed A. B. Mirza  
      ( Honorary Secretary )      

Executive Committee

  There is a nine member Executive Committee, which meets monthly to administer the day to day affairs of the Trust and its affiliated institutions  

Sitting Left to right: Valy Tariq Rangoonwala Chairman, Riffat Alvi, Zia Halai and Saeed A.B. Mirza,
Standing left to right: Afzal Shahzad, Mohammed Idrees and Arshad Jamil Bhatti.

Ms. Malika Tariq Rangoonwala has also joined as a member.

Mr. Mohammed Saleem Yousuf is also a Trustee and a memeber of the Executive Committee.

  Funds made available for projects are utilized only after a careful and comprehensive project due diligence. Such a process is to ensure our donations can have the maximum positive impact on the community. The annual audit is carried out by a reputed firm of chartered accountants (KPMG Taseer Hadi)